Dr. Chang…

Dr. Chang has practiced psychology in downtown Los Angeles since 2008, after earning her undergraduate degree at Princeton and Ph.D. at University of Georgia. She firmly believes that psychologists serve their clients best when they approach therapy with science in mind. A psychologist meeting a client with depression, for example, should not only understand how to express compassion, but she should also be equipped to offer psychoeducation and techniques with evidence to back them. In her first ten years of practice, Dr. Chang has met wonderful colleagues also seeking to integrate scientific principles into their work. As an adjunct faculty member at University of Southern California, she has supervised doctoral students in their clinical work. She has continuously sought additional professional training and consulted regularly with colleagues.

During the same period, Dr. Chang has also heard more and more stories of therapists falling asleep, offering vague direction or feedback about clients’ symptoms, or using an open-ended approach to treatment for concerns that could be addressed in a more time-limited way. She has felt an increasing urgency to promote science-based practice in our community and to meet the groundswell of people seeking mental wellness services at an affordable fee!

Let’s do this…

Therapy Lab hatched when Dr. Chang attended the ABCT (Association of Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies) conference in San Diego in November 2017. She learned about the Unified Protocol, a time-limited treatment package based on the “greatest hits” of evidence-based treatments, including CBT, ACT, DBT, mindfulness-based approaches, and exposure/response prevention. Dr. Chang realized that training a team of therapists to conduct the components of UP would allow them to work at a lower fee, while maintaining more rigorous standards of consistent, quality treatment.

Furthermore, once these components were well established among the Therapy Lab team, we were able to expand our offerings beyond the treatment of specific diagnoses, like depression and anxiety, to address a broader range of concerns, irksome habits, or desires for greater self-understanding. That is, while we are eager to serve clients with a depressive episode with our UP treatment package, we can also provide solutions for to someone trying to make a decision, change a bad habit, sleep better, or move on from a breakup. We are especially thrilled to offer virtual-reality enhanced exposure treatment for a range of phobias, like flying, heights, etc. since so many people suffer with these fears without relief.

And Now….

And now that we have begun to disrupt traditional private practice therapy and offer science-based treatment at a lower cost, we’d like to take this concept one step further. We are eager to transform the previously stigmatized “waiting room experience” into a physical and mental wellness space that complements your individual therapy time. Watch for more information about therapy-minded events that will help support your efforts to create community, cultivate good habits, routines, and hobbies; and engage in self-care and pleasurable rituals. We are so excited to share our knowledge and expand your mental and emotional exploration.


I need a guide!

If you’re not quite understanding this concept and/or you’d like us to customize a treatment package for you based on your needs, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll respond as soon as we can!

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