dr. chang’s early career….

Our founder, Dr. Chandler Chang, has practiced in downtown Los Angeles since 2008. Over the past ten years, she’s met wonderful colleagues providing excellent care and treatment. Having attended Princeton University (A.B.) and The University of Georgia (Ph.D.), she eagerly continued her learning and training with evidence-based treatments, and she provided supervision to USC doctoral students. She has remained connected with colleagues UCLA NPH, where she completed her pre-doctoral internship and worked as a licensed psychologist in the Eating Disorders Program.

She’s also heard numerous stories of therapists falling asleep, providing vague instructions and feedback, and offering little of the scientific knowledge that our field has accumulated. While hearing how clients suffer with so many symptoms for which we have interventions, she began to feel an urgency to spread the word about science-based treatments that people don’t seem to know about! She also felt an urgency to provide therapy at a lower cost to meet the groundswell of people seeking mental health support these days.

Let’s do this….

Dr. Chang was at the ABCT (Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies) conference in San Diego in November 2017 when she learned about the Unified Protocol, a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy originally designed for people with depression and anxiety and now likely helpful for a broad range of people suffering from emotional distress of so many kinds.

The UP is a 16- to 20-week protocol that combines the “greatest hits” from our most scientifically and clinically-sound approaches—classic CBT, ACT, DBT, mindfulness-based strategies, exposure and response prevention, and a healthy dose of psychoeducation. Dr. Chang realized that training a team to conduct the components of this approach could create a foundation for a practice that could revolutionize private practice mental health services. By training a team with the components of the UP, Therapy Lab could offer therapy by highly-trained, scientifically knowledgeable therapists, at a lower cost, and based on principles of science. Furthermore, this type of practice could easily expand the science-based offerings to address more specific symptoms that plague our clients, like poor sleep, fear of flying, and relationship disappointment, just to name a few.

And now….

And now that we have a practice that helps clients address real-life goals with affordable, quality care, we are excited to transform the traditional private practice experience into a wellness experience that’s just another component of a healthy self-care routine. Our treatments are designed not just for people with a true diagnosis (although many with actual diagnoses could benefit!), but they also speak to people who want science-based help for a concern, an annoying habit, or a desire for greater self-awareness.

We look forward to serving the community with our mental wellness adventures and eventually offering events and group services that will enrich clients’ individual session time. Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or requests for us by clicking below. Or go directly to your next adventure!