Science-based therapy (CBT & ACT) for emotional wellness and enhancement.

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Short-term investment. Long-term benefits.

Short-Term Treatment

Therapy Lab offers a 16-week course of therapy that can address common reasons for seeking help, including anxiety, depression, relationships, & stress. Our evidence-based approach blends the best of CBT, ACT, & mindfulness-based techniques, to pack powerful treatment into a shorter than usual time span.

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We believe that your time is valuable and every session with your therapist should count. Therapy Lab’s clinical practice is informed by science. Our clinicians use an evidence-based approach that has been shown to provide results in a limited time frame. See if Therapy Lab treatment could be right for you.

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Compassionate Therapists

The caring therapists at Therapy Lab have received training at some of the best programs in the country, and are specially trained to deliver our unique blend of evidence-based treatment. Our clinicians undergo frequent assessments, and we are committed to the highest possible standards for quality care.

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1. Schedule your first session

Choose your preferred clinician and fee, and instantly book your first appointment. All therapists participate in ongoing assessments to ensure the highest standards for quality, compassionate care.

Expert therapists ($200/session) are licensed clinicians (psychologists, social workers) or psychologists working towards licensure.

Associate therapists ($125/session) are masters-level clinicians supervised by a psychologist. Instantly book your first appointment or schedule a phone consultation to explore if Therapy Lab could be right for you.


2. Meet your therapist

At your first appointment, your therapist will get to know you, and will tailor a 16 session plan to your specific needs and reasons for coming to therapy.

Therapy Lab can provide support across a broad range of areas and concerns including panic attacks, social anxiety, depressed mood, stress, relationships, breakups, life transitions, insomnia, and decision-making. Talk to your therapist about your needs and what you would like to accomplish during therapy.


3. Track your progress

Therapy Lab clinicians practice measurement-based care (MBC), which means we use self-reported data to check in on your thoughts, feelings, and progress over the course of treatment. MBC has been clinically proven to improve outcomes for therapy, but only a small percentage of mental health providers utilize the practice. Tracking your progress gives us reliable insight that helps us provide the most effective care possible, and allows client and therapist to assess how therapy is going in an objective way.


4. Tweak along the way

To continue treatment after completing the series, you can repeat the treatment, or schedule booster session appointments with your therapist.

Continue therapy for as long as you’d like. Many of our clients enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after completing the series, but there’s no commitment. Therapy Lab is completely flexible for your changing needs, goals, and desired time commitment.

100% automatic intake, scheduling, and billing. Secure/HIPAA-compliant, private, and efficient. We provide services 7 days a week, and booking is available 24/7.


Our Founder


Dr. Chandler Chang earned her undergraduate degree at Princeton and went on to receive her Ph.D. at University of Georgia. She continued her training at UCLA. and has been in clinical practice since 2008. Dr. Chang currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at University of Southern California, and continues to engage in additional professional training.

Therapy Lab was built on Dr. Chang’s belief that psychologists serve their clients best when they approach therapy with science in mind. A psychologist should not only understand how to work with clients compassionately, but should also be equipped to offer psycho-education and techniques that are supported by evidence.

Dr. Chang has felt an increasing urgency to promote science-based practice in our community and to meet the demand of people seeking mental wellness services at an affordable fee. Read more about her idea to create a practice that serves clients efficiently and cost-effectively.


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