a new approach to therapy

Treatment Choices



Relationship Tonic: Friends, Dating, and Breakups (8 sessions)

Couples Boot Camp: Relationship Enhancement

Adulting: Living Your Best Life in Early Adulthood (10 sessions)

Try-a-Therapist Session (1 sesssion)

Booster Sessions (1 session)

Make a Decision/Solve a Problem (2 sessions)

Positive Psychology: Identify Your Strengths, Values, Blind Spots (4 sessions)

Mind Your Body


No Sleep ‘til CBT-Insomnia (6 sessions)

Mind/Body Distress: Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (10 sessions)

Reboot: Habit Change (10 sessions)

In Your Feelings


Virtual-Reality-Enhanced Therapy for Fear of Driving, Heights/Elevators, Public Speaking (10 sessions)

Unified Protocol for Anxiety or Depression (16 sessions). OUR MOST POPULAR TREATMENT

Monthly Check-In (12 sessions)

We provide mental wellness services based on science and crafted with care.

  • Scientific principles and research-supported techniques are the foundation of Therapy Lab.

  • If you want a customized experience, select “Try-A-Therapist” and work with your provider to explore your goals.

  • Choose between two fees—reduced rate ($125) and standard market rate ($200)—based on therapist expertise.

  • Your intake, scheduling, and billing experience is 100% online and HIPAA-compliant to ensure data security and convenience.