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Time-limited. Science-based.

Types of adventure

 Your Best Life

Your Best Life

You’re in the middle of life’s highway and want to stop and catch the view. Perhaps you need extra support during a life event or transition, like a breakup, new job, a move, or shifts in your family. You want to know yourself better or want help with a big decision. Or you may just want to pop in for a session or two to get supportive feedback.

 Mind Your Body

Mind Your Body

You want to create a new habit, improve sleep and self-care routines, or have a day with no stomach pain. You’d like to realize the benefits to your whole emotional self. Adventures include help with sleep, irritable-bowel syndrome, creating a new habit (like exercise or writing your novel), and mindful enjoyment of the present moment.

 In Your Feelings

In Your Feelings

You’re feeling overwhelmed and unable to use your emotions effectively. People complain that you’re detached, that you’re a workaholic, or that you’re a jerk. You wonder if you’re overly dramatic, self-centered, or unraveling. You’re afraid to fly or speak in public, and you’re open to try cutting-edge virtual reality treatment for fear & avoidance.


We provide affordable mental wellness services based on science and crafted with care.

Discover ways to make your everyday life richer—be more productive, feel satisfied, find meaning.

Therapy Lab services can be “stand-alone” experiences—there’s no need to be in therapy anywhere else. Or your traditional therapist or psychiatrist may suggest them as supplements to ongoing treatment. You will never have to “break up” with Therapy Lab or worry about a treatment that never ends. You choose your treatment (and treatment length) based on your personal goals, desires, and resources.

If your situation indicates that you need a different type of therapy, we’ll provide you with a list of local providers who can meet your needs. Our convenient web-based intake process will help us ensure the fit and make the right plan for you.

100% automatic intake, scheduling, and billing. Secure/HIPAA-compliant, private, and efficient. No more awkward phone calls to find the right therapist.

We provide services 7 days a week, and booking is available 24/7.

Experts ($200/session) are licensed clinical psychologists (Ph.D., Psy.D.). Associates ($125/session) are masters-level clinicians supervised by a psychologist. At Therapy Lab, all therapists receive extensive training and participate in ongoing assessments to ensure quality and prevent “rogue therapy.” (Research suggests that therapists make more errors when they practice in isolation. That doesn’t happen here!)

Choose one session at a time or go for the whole package. Once you sign up for your first session, you’ll receive intake forms to read and complete online prior to your visit.